Combining multidisciplinary creative intelligence with web3 tech to regenerate the earth and unlock value for the community


Emergenz is the community with a mission to plant 1 billion trees to regenerate the land, restore soil, sequester carbon, and reconnect with the earth. 

In this process, Emergenz delivers ecological education, facilitates face-to-face connection, and unlocks carbon credit financing to reward engaged participants and partnering communities.

We lost 50% of soil to the sea. We lost 86% of the forest cover. And yet forests are homes to 80% animals, they act as climate shields, they give us rain and fresh air. 

Humanity is living in pivotal times where pioneering spirit and bold action toward more equitable and regenerative futures, bolstered by emerging carbon neutral technologies, will create the collective thriving.  

We were born in Hampshire, UK’s magical New Forest, which was “new” a 1,000 years ago when William the Conqueror planted it. We aspire to embody Cathedral Thinking in what we do. This means having a far-reaching vision, a working open-source blueprint, and a shared commitment to long-term implementation. 

We know that human creativity and human ingenuity can and will create better regenerative futures. Join us.


We represent the multidisciplinary creative intelligence, guided by radical imagination and faith in humanity’s ability to overcome planetary challenges ahead. 

We are creatives, earth stewards, educators, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, maxis, and optimists united in common ecological goals, spread around the world, and working in synchronicity.

We come from all walks of life, yet we move forward toward the shared ideal of a just and regenerative world. Because the surest way to predict the future is to create it. 

We know that the way out is through. And that change comes from within. We relate with ourselves, our relations, and our communities in harmonious ways aligned with nature.

We might have been Degens, but now we are Regenz. 

Welcome to Emergenz.


We aim to build the bridge between climate debate and environmental activism, while raising ecological consciousness through emotionally resonant narratives. 

We imagine: 
• We translate climate science information into   behaviourally impactful narratives
• We bring our multidisciplinary talents to envision a better tomorrow 
• We educate ourselves and others on balanced ways to engage with the environment 

We gather: 
• We showcase results of our imaginings and investigations 
• Outside in nature and away from technology, we connect with each other
• We commit with our hands and our hearts on the projects we support 

We support
• We fundraise for reforestation projects through innovative mechanisms
• We onboard reforestation projects into web3 structures
•We share financial benefits of our collective efforts with the communities and participants

green plant


We plant trees, we nurture them, we monitor them.

We gather online and offline. 

We produce climate data-driven art, and feed back to society.

We engage next generations in land stewardship. 

We develop close working partnerships with landowners and land stewards.  

We have secured multiple woodland partnerships across the United Kingdom, with plans to expand across the Mexico, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, and beyond.

"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Chinese Proverb

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